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2. Configure Services

Configure a Pangea service

Congratulations on completing the necessary steps to begin utilizing Pangea services! Now, it's time to assess your requirements and identify which services align with your needs. Once you've determined the suitable services, you can proceed to enable them, ensuring that you have the right set of tools and capabilities to achieve your goals effectively.

  1. Currently, the ability to have multiple configuration settings is exclusive to the Secure Audit Log service. However, it is worth noting that there are plans to extend this feature to other services in the future. This means that users can expect similar flexibility in managing configurations across various services.

  2. Intelligence services do not require configuration settings.

To gain detailed insights and configure a specific service, simply choose the desired service from the options available. By selecting a service, you can access comprehensive information and instructions on how to configure it directly within the Pangea console. This allows you to easily understand and set up the service according to your requirements, ensuring a seamless and efficient configuration process.