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1. Create a Pangea Account

Create an account

Creating a Pangea service account is free, fast, and secure. Sign up with an existing identity provider (like GitHub) or create an account just for us.

Create your first organization and project

Upon account creation, you'll be asked to create an organization and project. An organization is a top-level group for organizing all of your Pangea projects. A project is for your individual applications or use cases for Pangea services.


Name your organization and project

As part of the signup flow, you'll be asked to create an organization and project. You can have many projects associated with your organization and even belong to many organizations. Provide a name for your project and organization, or use the default.


If you're having trouble deciding on a name, or you don't know what you're building, you can always change the name of your organization/project later.

Select a cloud service provider (CSP)

You'll need to select a cloud service provider in which your organization will exist. Best practice is to select a CSP where you are building your app.


The CSP selection is an organization-level setting. Once selected it cannot be changed.

Select a Geographical Region

Next, you'll need to assign a Geographical Region to your project. Geographical Region is the location (EU or US) where your Pangea project will be deployed.

When deciding on a Geographical Region, consider your use case. Do you have any regional residency requirements? Which region is closest to your application code?


Geographical Region cannot be changed once selected. However, creating a new project is easy if you need to deploy your Pangea services in a different region.

Invite additional users

If you know other members on your team that will be working with you on this project, invite them to join. Don't worry, if you aren't sure who needs to be invited right now, you'll be able to invite more later. When deciding on roles, here's a quick guide:

  • Org Admin - access to all settings and users across all projects.
  • Project Admin - Access to all settings and users within this project.
  • Project Member - read access to all settings and the ability to use tokens to interact with the services.