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Why I Love Hackathons

Pranav Shikarpur
Pranav Shikarpur

To Me, hackathons embody the excitement of the possible. Until the last submission comes in you never know what amazing works of art will come through and how it can open your eyes to solving problems in creative and unique ways. Even after my experience as a judge and a participant in several hackathons over the years I still get excited EVERY SINGLE TIME.

We partnered with Devpost for our latest hackathon and their user base of participants never fails to impress with their submissions. You can register for our Securathon Showdown here but here are the most important details:

  • We are giving away over $5,000.00 USD in prizes with $3,000.00 USD for the grand prize

  • We have 4 runner-up prizes and even a special prize package for the best feedback provided

  • Submissions consist of creating an app that uses one or more Pangea services along with documenting your build and purpose

  • We wrote a scary prompt to get your creativity flowing on the registration page but be warned…it will probably give you nightmares

Some of my favorite hackathon stories are when people start our hackathons with the intent of learning or earning the top prize and then stumble on ideas they can take to market immediately. (You can read about one such example here) Alternatively, it is always satisfying to hear how participants are learning new skills, making new connections and even obtaining new jobs based on experience from their participation.

I hope you take some time to participate in our Securathon Showdown and I can’t wait to see what you submit. If you have any questions along the way just drop us a note in our community and we will support you however we possibly can.

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