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Getting Started

1. Create a Pangea account

Get started on your first project in Pangea.

1 - 2 minutes

2. Configure a service

Learn how to configure Pangea Services.

1 - 2 minutes

3. Run a sample application

Interact with a Pangea service using the Language SDKs, or the REST APIs.

2 - 3 minutes

Explore Pangea User Console on YouTube

The following YouTube video presents the visual walkthrough of the Pangea User Console (PUC). It provides a step-by-step explanation of its features and functionalities. In this video, the PUC is explored to familiarize developers with its usage. The walkthrough covers various aspects, including enabling services, adding members, updating AuthN branding, and token management. The video begins with an introduction to PUC, followed by explanations of organizations, projects, and the first-time login experience. It then dives into using common services and provides a comprehensive walkthrough of the PUC, covering metrics and activity, project settings, services, secure audit logs, enabling redaction, the "Try it out" page, and joining the Discourse community. The video concludes by directing viewers to Pangea's social media profiles and providing links for additional resources such as the Pangea website, free signup, community Discourse, and developer documentation.