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Fastest way to add security to any app

The APIs you need to build a secure, compliant cloud application.

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Pangea is a collection of security services, all API-based, that can quickly and easily be added to any cloud application, embedded in the runtime code. Pangea provides app builders with a wide selection of security services so they can easily embed security into their application. It’s similar in nature to AWS for Compute APIs, Twilio for Communications APIs, Stripe for Billing APIs. And now there is Pangea for Security APIs.

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Pangea makes it easy to get configured and start building. Configure your first project in moments, start testing with our interactive API reference documentation, and then get integrated with our comprehensive SDKs.

Getting Started Guide

Get started on your first project in Pangea.

Administer Pangea

Learn how to configure Pangea and manage users.

Interact with the API

Use the API reference to try out Pangea Services.

Integrate with your application

Review the SDK docs for Python, Go, and JS.

Everything a Builder needs, United

Pangea unites the most important security capabilities by delivering a comprehensive set of services and APIs through a single framework, streamlining everything from integration to procurement so you can add security fast.

Secure Audit Log

Tamperproof audit


Remove sensitive info from a string


Check digital export restrictions

File Intel

Malicious behavior check on a file

Domain Intel

Malicious behavior check on a domain

IP Intel

Malicious behavior check on IP

URL Intel

Retrieve intelligence report for a URL


Manage secrets and keys


Secure login and user management

File Scan

Scan a file for malware

Secure Share (Beta)

Securely share files and folders

Sanitize (Beta)

Sanitize files of malicious content, PII, and links


Authorization policy and enforcement

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