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Pangea delivers a unified platform of API-based security services that are easily accessible and make it simple for any developer to deliver a secure app experience quickly. We offer seamless integration with our SDKs and just a few lines of code across JavaScript, Python, Go, Java, .NET, and more.

Add security features to your app with a few lines of code

We’re turning the complex and fragmented world of security into a simple set of pay-as-you-go APIs for developers. By eliminating the burden of building, scaling and managing complex security code, you can focus on your app logic while reducing its attack surface. Our services allow developers to quickly and programmatically add these security features into their application workflows.

Technology Guides

We've designed building experiences for every technology, including sample apps, tutorials and video demos that showcase how Pangea's APIs are easily integrated into any app. We know it’s essential for you to build with the tech you prefer, and we're committed to continually expanding our support for popular languages and frameworks.


Add authentication (AuthN) to your Next.js app using this tutorial.

Add our AuthN service to your React.js app using this tutorial.

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Questions? Our team on Discourse are ready to help with your inquiries.

Want the code? Check out our repos and start securing your next app.

Video walkthroughs and tutorials to help secure your application.

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