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Read about the basics of File Scan

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What it doesScans files for malware, viruses, or other security threats.
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  • Detect virus or malware in files
  • Generate detection reports or alerts
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About File Scan service

When interacting with files from unknown sources, it is important to scan them for malicious content and assess the potential risk. These threats can cause a range of issues, including data loss, theft of personal information, and file damage. File Scan service is used to protect your systems from malware and viruses.

Pangea's File Scan service is a powerful tool that helps you identify and analyze potentially malicious files. It is used to check files to ensure the files are safe and not infected with harmful software.

With the File Scan service, you first upload a file to be scanned using the Scan endpoint. Since the File Scan service is asynchronous, the Scan endpoint will return a request-id that can be used to poll for completion. Once the scan is completed, you use the request-id to retrieve the final response, which includes a straightforward verdict (unknown, benign, suspicious, or malicious), and a risk score from 0 to 100.

Benefits of using File Scan

Nearly every system in the world relies on the transfer of files, but when your application receives or processes a transferred file, how do you know if it is safe to handle? Opening or even parsing a malicious file can lead to infecting everything in your app’s ecosystem, endangering you, your company, your partners, and your customers. You have a responsibility to ensure that the file is safe.

Pangea’s File Scan service helps you meet that responsibility easily, and includes the following benefits:

  • Easy API integration: Integrate the File Scan service API into your application with just a few lines of code. You’ll have the benefit of world-class malware scanning at your fingertips without needing to be a malware expert.

  • Comprehensive file analysis: The service initiates an in-depth analysis of the submitted file. It performs various checks, including scanning for known malware signatures, behavior analysis, heuristic detection, and more. This comprehensive analysis helps identify potential threats or malicious behavior within the file.

  • Detailed scan results: Once the file analysis is complete, the File Scan Service returns a straightforward verdict and score. You can use the verdict and/or score to decide whether or not to accept the file. If you’re interested in more information, the File Scan raw_data report contains the results of the scan, adding details such as the malware type, which families it belongs to, confidence in the verdict, and factors that went into verdict determination.

Every file encountered by your app presents a very real and severe risk. Use the File Scan service to responsibly protect yourself and everyone in your app’s ecosystem from the potentially devastating risks of malware.

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