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Read about the basics of IP Intel

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What it doesRetrieves reputation score of submitted IPs
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About IP Intel service

The IP Intel service provides essential IP-related information collected across the internet for several decades. Our combination of providers gives you insight into over 3.5 billion IP addresses for the following:

  • Reputation
    • Understand the disposition of submitted IPs
  • Geolocate
    • Determine where IP activity originated.
  • Domain
    • Uncover the domains associated with specified IPs.
  • Proxy
    • Find out if an IP belongs to a known proxy
  • VPN
    • Identify IPs belonging to known VPN services.

Benefits of using IP Intel service

Pangea serves intelligence data from third-party providers, normalizing response data to help you quickly identify the requested characteristics of a submitted IP address. This check happens through a unified API and SDK - with no contracts or direct integrations with the provider required. Embedding this capability into your code gives you easy access to robust information that can support a wide variety of security and usability use cases.

Use Cases

Embed the Pangea IP Intel service into your App or workflow to gain the insight required to:

  • Block suspicious IPs from attempting to sign up, log in, or perform unauthenticated activities like file uploads or newsletter subscriptions.
  • Block access from known VPN or Proxy services.
  • Geolocate client IPs to provide users with regionally specific information or language options.
  • Enrich rare IPs found in infrastructure logs and IPs collected from statically and dynamically analyzed files to provide context to security analysts.
  • Pivot from IP to domain while investigating security events.
  • Attribute activity occurring within your app to a specific country and record it to Secure Audit Log.

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