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User Intel | Node.js SDK

Look up breached passwords

passwordBreached(hashType: HashType, hashPrefix: string, options: BreachedOptions): Promise<PangeaResponse<BreachedResult>>

Find out if a password has been exposed in security breaches by providing a 5 character prefix of the password hash.

required parameters


Hash type to be looked up


The prefix of the hash to be looked up.

An object of optional parameters. Parameters supported:

  • provider {String} - Use breached data from this provider: "spycloud". Default provider defined by the configuration.
  • verbose {Boolean} - Echo the API parameters in the response. Default: verbose=false.
  • raw {Boolean} - Include raw data from this provider. Default: raw=false.

Response Object

const options = {provider: "spycloud", verbose: true, raw: true };
const response = await userIntel.passwordBreached(Intel.HashType.SHA256, "5baa6", options);

Look up breached users

userBreached(request: BreachedRequest): Promise<PangeaResponse<BreachedResult>>

Find out if an email address, username, phone number, or IP address was exposed in a security breach.

required parameters


Request to be send to user/breached endpoint

Response Object

const request = {phone_number: "8005550123", verbose: true, raw: true };
 const response = await userIntel.userBreached(request);