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The Shares page provides a table view of all object shares for the organization with the ID, Name, Type of share, and share creation date. The table can be sorted based on data in any of these fields, but search currently only supports searching by the share ID. Search the shares

Searching the list of object shares currently supports searching by the file ID field and name but users can also select the Filter icon to filter for a specific link type, such as Download or Upload.

To search the Shares table, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Pangea User Console >> Secure Share >> Files.
  2. Select the file to search for in the Shares.
  3. Click Details.
  4. Click the Copy icon beside the Object ID of the file.
  5. Navigate to Pangea User Console >> Secure Share >> Shares.
  6. Paste the ID into the Search bar on the Shares page.
  7. All shares of that file display in the search results.

Clicking a share displays a menu of information and options for that share. This menu contains the following information:

  • Copy link button
  • Delete share link button
  • Share ID
  • File list
  • Each file’s ID
  • Created at - Timestamp of when the share was created
  • Expires at - Timestamp of when the share expires
  • Last accessed at - Timestamp of when the share was last accessed
  • Max access count - Maximum number of times the share can be accessed
  • Access count - Number of times the share has been accessed

Clicking the Delete share-link button immediately removes the link’s access to the file and removes the share from the Shares list.

The Copy link button copies the link to the clipboard of your device, where it can be pasted into an email or chat.

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