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General page

The General Page allows you to configure Secure Share settings related to Key Management, External Share Restrictions, File Restrictions, and File Operations.

Click General on the left hand side of the console when showing the Secure Share to access these settings.

Key Management

Key Management in Secure Share uses a Pangea Vault key to encrypt all content to provide a more secure file storage system.

The key can be rotated within the Key Management settings by clicking the three vertical dots to the right of the Encryption Key Vault ID and selecting the Rotate menu item.

External Share Restrictions

External Share Restrictions allows you to specify the maximum allowed views and the maximum allowed expiration timeframes for new shares. When creating a share, the view count and expiration time default to these values. These values can be changed, but only to a lower view count or shorter expiration time.

You can also select the available methods for securing share-links (currently this is read-only). The options are secure by SMS code, secure by email code, or secure by password.

Access Limits

Access Limits is used to set limits to how long or how many times a share can be accessed. Setting access limits automatically ends the share, reducing the need for manual interaction.

To set access limits:

  1. In the General tab of Secure Share, select External Share Restrictions.
  2. In the Max view count box, type the maximum number of times users can view the object.
  3. In the Default Expiration box, type a value for the number, and select either Hours or Minutes.
  4. Click Save.

File Restrictions

Max File Size

The Max File Size restriction is disabled by default. To set a Max File Size restriction, enable the setting and specify the maximum size in MB allowed for files uploaded to the Secure Share. Files over this size limit will not be uploaded to storage.

Changing the Max File Size setting only affects the upload attempts that occur once it has changed; previously uploaded contents are unaffected.

Allowed File types

Check the boxes of allowed file types to store (such as Audio, Images, Text, Video, etc.), unchecked file types will be rejected. You can also restrict the file format for each file type by selecting specific formats (such as MOV, MP4, MPEG, etc. for video formats).


Disabling all file types blocks the ability to upload anything to the Secure Share until some type is enabled.

File Operations

Secure Share uses File Scan to ensure that no malware can be uploaded.

You can select the File Scan provider that Secure Share will use for malware scanning in the File Operations settings.

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