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Asynchronous API Responses

Handling a 202 response status


For security reasons, you must provide the same token that you used when you made the original request.

Using a different token or no token, such as visiting the link in a browser directly, will result in a "Not authorized to access this resource" error.

Make a GET request to https://<SERVICE>.<PANGEA_DOMAIN>/request/<REQUEST_ID>



Asynchronous responses

An asynchronous response for a request that is still "in-progress" follows the structure shown below:

"request_id": "<request_id>",
"request_time": "<ISO 8601 timestamp>",
"response_time": "<ISO 8601 timestamp>",
"status": "<status>",
"summary": "<summary>",
"result": {
"ttl_mins": "<ttl_mins>",
"retry_counter": "<retry_counter>",
"location": "<location_url>"

The structure is similar to that of the synchronous responses.

The key difference is the inclusion of a "location" field in the result object, which contains the exact URL for initiating a GET request to retrieve the result data.

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