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Invite a user to your application


Invites expire 48 hours after their creation.

To invite a user:

  1. Click Invite button on the right side of the screen. An invite dialog will appear.

  2. In the invite dialog,

    • Enter the user’s Email Address
    • Enter a Callback URL. A callback URL is required when a user clicks an invite, they are sent through a hosted signup/login flow. Like other hosted flows, the flow redirects back to the callback URL when it is done. The callback URL needs to be one of the configured redirect URLs.
  3. If applicable, enable MFA using the switch in the dialog. MFA details are available on the user table so we can see right away which users have MFA enabled and which don’t.

List Invites

View the list of invites

View all your invites by clicking on Invites in the left-hand navigation menu. An invite table with various informative columns will appear. The columns include details like:

  • Email
  • Status
  • Inviter
  • MFA Required
  • Created At
  • Expires At

Resend an Invite

To resend an invitation, click the arrow icon labeled Resend beside the invitation. A success notification will appear if your invitation is re-sent successfully.

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