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Get a token

Obtain a token

One of the key operations of a Vault is to retrieve Pangea API tokens stored in the Vault for use by your application code.

import os

import pangea.exceptions as pe
from pangea.config import PangeaConfig
from import Vault

def get_token(token_id):
token = os.getenv("PANGEA_VAULT_TOKEN")
domain = os.getenv("PANGEA_DOMAIN")
config = PangeaConfig(domain=domain)
vault = Vault(token, config=config)
token_data = None

# if no version is specified curent_version is returned
response = vault.get(token_id)

# tokens are stored as secrets
token_data = response.result.current_version.secret

except pe.PangeaAPIException as e:
print(f"Vault Request Error: {e.response.summary}")
for err in e.errors:
print(f"\t{err.detail} \n")

return token_data

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