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Update a Secret

Modify a Secret's properties or values

You may need to update a secret to add tags or metadata. Tags and metadata can help identify what the secret is used for and for finding the secret via search.

import os

import pangea.exceptions as pe
from pangea.config import PangeaConfig
from import Vault

def update_secret_metadata(secret_id, new_meta):
token = os.getenv("PANGEA_VAULT_TOKEN")
domain = os.getenv("PANGEA_DOMAIN")
config = PangeaConfig(domain=domain)
vault = Vault(token, config=config)

# use other keywords to update other fields
vault.update(secret_id, metadata=new_meta)

except pe.PangeaAPIException as e:
print(f"Vault Request Error: {e.response.summary}")
for err in e.errors:
print(f"\t{err.detail} \n")


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